Platform Overview:

Founded in 2016, Physicians Group, a division of Physicians Outsource LLC, is a private network consisting of over 22,000 practicing healthcare providers who value the efficacy of advanced therapeutics for addressing dietary gaps but lack time and resources for in-depth nutritional guidance. Our medical management CRM platform effectively eliminates both obstacles, requiring minimal time with no out-of-pocket expense. Our platform includes a website, access to hundreds of therapeutics, a transaction dashboard and much more. 

Patient Product Website at a Glance:

  • Live chat integrated with advanced AI for unprecedented customer support
  • Home Screen Icon for instant fingertip patient access to the product portal
  • Password-Protected dashboard command center synced with your website. Access sales, returns, and revenue sharing in real-time here.
  • AFFIRM financial for extended no-interest payment options

Sample Dashboard: 

The transaction dashboard is your command center for monitoring sales, returns, and revenue sharing in real time.

Professional Nutritionals Product Dropdown:

  • Choose your supplements from a vast and ever-evolving line of formulas, allowing for total flexibility in selecting the nutritional areas and price points that interest you most.
  • To get started, select as few or as many supplements as you desire and load them into the product dropdown “basket”.
  • We will then add them to your website, including MSRP prices, and you'll be ready to go.

Revenue Sharing: We share revenue on a 30/20 split, calculated from your gross MSRP sales, and paid weekly through bank transfer, Zelle, or Cash App. This robust and well-deserved system ensures you receive 30% of sales, with 20% allocated to management fees.

Account Registration: